Vault Doors

Product Overview

Wertheim vault doors are produced in several security levels. The certificates, referring to countries, are acknowledged by insurance companies. Quality The products have been tested by the laboratories VdS (loss prevention association) in Cologne, acknowledged all over Europe. The test was carried out following the European Standard EN1143-1 which is accepted by the European Insurance Commitee CEA (Comité Européen des Assurances). The demand for quality of all vault doors is based on many years of experience in design and production. The quality control system of Wertheim documents the checks of our specialists and the final control before delivering the products.

Optional locking equipments Forced locking sequence, upper lock to be locked before locking the lower one. Third lock with bolt work blocking, avoids unintended closing of the bolt work while the door is open. Third lock with forced locking sequence, the third lock has to be unlocked at first and locked at last (in connection with a forced locking sequence of the two other locks)