Kardex Remstar shuttle XP 1000

Product Overview

The Shuttle XP 1000 is especially suitable for use with big loads. Each of its heavy-duty trays can handle loads weighing up to 1,000 kg and measuring up to 4.05 meters across. As such, this storage lift is ideal for picking medium-heavy to heavy parts and sets new standards in storage logistics in terms of load-bearing capacity. Its efficiency can be further increased when handling heavy loads by integrating the optionally available hoisting crane or a mechanism for picking up entire pallets.

Crane handling with the Shuttle XP 1000
Effortlessly store and retrieve heavy loads

Heavy loads generally have to be put into storage using external cranes in a complex operation. The Shuttle XP 1000 comes with an optional factory-fitted crane, which permits direct storage of heavy parts. The integrated hoisting crane makes it possible to efficiently store and retrieve loads weighing up to one metric ton, which are placed directly in the storage system’s trays by the crane. The crane is electrically driven and can be swung in front of the tray extraction device to pick up and drop off the heavy goods. There is no need for additional foundations when installing the system.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Costs cut thanks to the smaller space occupied by the integrated crane
  • Productivity raised by enabling faster access times and picking rates
  • Safety and ergonomics improved for employees
  • The entire system, including the crane, can be easily installed and relocated


Technical data


Shuttle XP



1,580 mm to 4,380 mm



2,362 mm to 4,343 mm


2,550 mm to 20,050 mm

Unit height pitch


100 mm increments

Performance data


Vertical speed


Each tray individually adjustable

up to 0.75 m/s

Total load


max. 67/120 t




610 mm to 1,778 mm

Width/load per tray

1,250 mm

1,000 kg


2,450 mm

900 kg


4,050 mm

800 kg

All intermediate sizes possible at 50 mm intervals