Safe Deposit Safes

Product Overview

Safes with built in deposit boxes are produced in different resistance grades. The deposit boxes are customized in blocks. If desired, the arrangement of the box sizes within the block level can be chosen in 50 mm steps. Unrestricted access to the deposit boxes is possible once the door has been opened to at least 90°.

All Wertheim safes in resistance grade VdS III-VKB (types CWS, DWS, DWSKB, EWS, EWSKB) are prepared for the installation of safe deposit boxes. Model selection depends upon the required insurance class. Safe deposit safes in VdS grade I or II upon request.

Possible safe types/models for safe deposit boxes:


models CWS1600, CWS1901, CWS1903, CWS1902, CWS1904


models DWS1600, DWS1901, DWS1903, DWS1902, DWS1904


models DWS1600KB, DWS1901KB, DWS1903KB, DWS1902KB, DWS1904KB


models EWS1600, EWS1901, EWS1903, EWS1902, EWS1904


models EWS1600KB, EWS1901KB, EWS1903KB, EWS1902KB, EWS1904KB

Please note that for safes with safe deposit boxes, 55 mm must be added to the specified external width for models with one hinge, and 110 mm must be added to the specified external width for double-doored models. Furthermore, the weights of safe deposit boxes are not included in the shown safe weights. Models with safe deposit boxes installed are indicated in the model name by an additional S.