Paper Cut

Product Overview

Fully featured print management

We make print management as easy and pain free as possible. From simple tracking and monitoring of print jobs, to integrating BYOD printing or advanced custom job management, PaperCut can be up and running in minutes.

Choose between the DIY version, PaperCut NG, and the fully supported PaperCut MF depending on your print environment.

Paper CUT MF

Two powerful options
DIY print management in minutes

  • Self install, get up and running in minutes
  • Track and control unlimited printers
  • 40-Day Free Trial - fully featured
  • Immediate purchase online
  • Upgrade to PaperCut MF any time
Paper CUT NG

Do even more with MFD embedded software

All the features of NG plus:

  • Manage copy, scan and fax on your MFD
  • Authenticate users with swipe or proximity cards
  • Find-Me Printing and Secure Print Release
  • Supported through our Certified partner network

To know more about Paper Cut, please refer to www.papercut.com