Iron Fist Pallet Racks

Product Overview

The pallet rack with shoulder capacity of up to 30,000 Kg and with currents with a range of up to 4,500 kg per pair.

ROSSS Metal Portapallet Scalped.

Different needs, One solution. Iron Fist represents the new generation of pallet holders. Iron Fist currents are produced with the latest technologies; The elimination of welding, thanks to the innovative molding process, has made the current and connector a single element. The uprights have been designed for all possible loads of pallets and also to withstand the anti-seismic stresses.

Currents and uprights guarantee a perfect combination of stability and safety, thanks to the high quality of the raw materials used and the care in detail. The IRON FIST type pallet rack is obtained by assembling two only basic elements, shoulders and currents, by simply engaging and without using bolts, joints or other components. Shoulders are the vertical elements of the structure and are formed by uprights, diagonals and crossbars; the currents are the horizontal rectangular sectioned elements and support the pallets.