Deposit Safes- Drop in Safes

Product Overview

Safes with drop-in equipment offer a simple and secure depositing of e.g. daily cash receipts and are mainly used if more than one person deposit values (e.g. petrol stations, fast food and convenience stores).

  • Drop-in goods (e.g. zipp-bag) are deposited through the drop-in flap into the safe.
  • A security anti-fishing device prevents the later removal of a deposited bag.
  • The deposited bags can only be removed by the manager of the safe.

All Wertheim safes (Standing safes in VdS grade I, II and III) can be equipped with a drop-in mechanism LBE150. According to the requested insurance class and the capacity of bags, the right safe can be chosen. Please note, that deposit safes are certified according to security class VSÖ – all other certifications expire due to the opening of the drop-in mechanism. VDMA-safes (VA, VBE, VB) with drop-in mechanism are delivered without certification label.



massive steel structure with security blocking system


appr. 28 kg


front, back, back protruding or upon request


inside and outside RAL 7037 dusty grey (always ident with safe colour)
option: special colour according to RAL


cylinder lock with 5 keys
option: further keys upon request

Drop-in goods

flexible envelopes max. DIN A4, max. 15 mm thick or
cassettes with max. size 240 x 180 x 60 mm


option: zipp-bag, cassette