Bubble Grader

Product Overview

The Right Grading & Analyzing Tool

Grading and analyzing test results is a never-ending educational task – but it doesn’t have to compromise teaching and learning. Konica Minolta’s Bubble Grader solution lets teachers quickly and easily print their own bubble sheet tests with Optical Mark Recognition technology on plain paper, from bizhub® and other MFPs – then scan and grade results automatically, with data reports at their fingertips in minutes.

Increase Efficiency While Saving Money

Included as part of the Dispatcher Phoenix Education application, a proven solution for boosting educational productivity, Bubble Grader takes the burden from teachers and school districts. Teachers won’t have to take tests home at night to grade. With this automated scoring and assessment solution, they’ll be able to spend more time in the classroom focusing on what’s really important – educating their students.

Fast, Accurate and Cost-Effective

With Bubble Grader, there’s no need for costly pre-printed bubble test forms that must be stored, discarded, upgraded or reprinted. Accuracy is improved, security is maintained, and you can output bubble test sheets at the
print speed of your MFP – 30, 40, even 50 pages per minute. You can also say goodbye to complex test scanning systems, which are slow to operate and difficult to master.

Generate Tests

Creating your own bubble sheet tests can be a time-saving educational advantage. An easy to use tool, included with the Bubble Grader solution, lets teachers create and customize their own bubble sheet test and answer keys.

Grade Results

When bubble sheets have been distributed and tests have been taken, grading is easy. Teachers place their filled-out answer key on top of the stack of tests in the document feeder of the MFP. Pushing the scan button starts
the process – tests are scanned and graded automatically and reports are generated. You can print out the corrected tests, store them in a local or network folder, upload them to a document management system, even send them as email attachments to colleagues and school or district administrators.

Assess Progress

The Bubble Grader solution does more than prepare and grade your tests – it can also help you compile and analyze your data, an essential feature needed to improve educational outcomes. Four automaticallygenerated assessment reports enable teachers and administrators to chart the progress of individuals and groups, compare classroom and school performance against district norms, spot trends in student achievement and identify areas for improvement.

Workflow Video