Product Overview

Print In Motion

In today’s digital world, printed materials still have the power to make an impact. They just need bringing to life. genARate is an innovative Augmented Reality (AR) platform that transforms your existing 2D content into exciting, interactive 3D experiences that enhance engagement with your brand, product or service.

Creating your own augmented content is easier than you may think with genARate – rapidly bringing print back to the forefront of your marketing mix. Intuitive and powerful, our development solution includes everything you need to create, publish, use and measure the effectiveness of your content.

No matter if you’re an agency, commercial printer, central reprographics department, or marketing department, you don’t need any previous experience or coding expertise. Simply drag and drop different content – buttons, links, videos and more – overlaying your printed images and build up layers of information that your audience can interact with. It’s as easy as that.

Use the power of Augmented Reality

Whether you’re an agency, publisher or copy shop owner, genARate gives you the power to overlay video, animations, or 3D models onto printed materials to create rich media communications.

Key Fatures
  • Simply drag and drop interactive content onto your printed media files. No coding experience is required.
  • Get a better ROI on every print. Remotely update AR elements on any print collateral, without the need to re-print the entire campaign.
  • Analytics tools allow the success of print campaigns to be effectively tracked and measured, something which is notoriously difficult to do in print.

Workflow Video