Akten Ex Mod. IV- AZ- HD

Product Overview

This is multi-purpose- all rolled into one machine that handles both paper and hard discs.

P- 7 System / TUV+ BSI Certified (Hourly throughput ~180kg/h)
  • Highest security level for paper P- 7 according DIN 66399
  • Processes complete files to recyclable paper granulate
  • Dust- free without additional vacuuming system
  • Low noise level
  • Nearly maintenance free due to a surpassingly and robust design
H- 5 System I BSI certified (Hourly throughput ~ 20pcs/h)
  • Designed for shredding hard discs, CDs, DVDs, Video cassettes etc.
  • No flying spark due to slow speed (11rpm)
  • Automatic reverse operation in case of overload
Security Level P-7 H5
Hourly Throughput ~180kg/h ~20pcs/h
Screen no yes,6mm
Noise level 67- 74 db (A) ~82 Db(A)
Power 15kW
Voltage 400V/ 50Hz/ 3ph+N+PE/63 A
Dimensions 290 x 150 x 215cm
Weight ~2000kg
Container Volume upon consultation
Control SPS, all-automatic