Aycan Xray-Print

Product Overview

Reduce Film Costs up to 90%

Aycan xray-print lets you print radiological and other medical images on plain paper at near film quality making it ideal for anyone who wants to easily and cost effectively share radiological and other medical images with referring physicians and patients, and annotate and store them in patient files.

Hospitals and clinics are seeking inexpensive ways to produce non-diagnostic prints of sufficient quality that physicians can use for treatment planning and consultation with colleagues and patients–introducing aycan xray-print, the plain paper print solution that let’s you easily and cost effectively print, share, review, annotate, and store high quality images.

Easy Integration

Compatible with PACS and modalities using the DICOM 3.0 standard, aycan xray-print fits seamlessly into existing workflows. Plus, there’s no need for special training as aycan xray-print is operated just like a film printer.

Simplified Workflow

Because you’ll eliminate the special printing, handling, storage, transportation, and other infrastructure needed for film, you’ll actually simplify your work process and that of your referring physicians.

Excellent Image Quality

Aycan xray-print software receives DICOM images from a modality, and then prints them in color or black & white on an aycan certified printer. To achieve near film quality prints, the hardware and software have been optimized for medical imagery. You can further fine-tune print quality through the simple user interface. Features, such as Presentation Look-Up Tables (PLUT), can be easily accessed to set defaults and adjust image quality output settings such as brightness, gray scale, and contrast for each modality.

Extraordinary Savings

From start to finish, working with film is expensive and labor intensive. Replace film with paper and you can share images with minimal expense, eliminate the need and cost for special processing, handling and storage, and reduce labor costs associated with tracking, filing and transporting film. You’ll also save on compliance and other environmental costs associated with using chemical-based film, as well as minimizing the impact on the environment.


Key Benefits
  • Reduce film costs by 90%
  • Near film quality prints for non-diagnostic use
  • Improved communication with referring physicians and patients
  • Simplified workflow
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Higher acceptance than CDs among referring physicians
  • No learning curve
  • FDA certification
  • Immediate, live, service and support
Key Features
  • Customer logo on prints
  • DICOM 3.0 compatible
  • DICOM Print Service Class SCP (Basic Grayscale/Color)
  • LINUX operating system
  • Glossy print (optional with special driver and printer)
  • Gray scale Standard Display Function (GSDF) DICOM calibration (optional)
FDA certification
  • Aycan xray-print is certified as a medical image communication device (class 1 Exempt, Sec. 892.2020)