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On-site Installation and start-up

  • The installation of hardware at the customer’s premises is part of the standard service.
  • Ambient conditions at the installation site must suit the product specifications.
  • The technical team may perform an initial site audit to verify the availability of all necessary conditions before the actual installation begins.
  • The pre-requisite site conditions may be shared to the customer in advance so as to make the site ready, in case of any major deployment.
  • Depending upon the product being installed, the condition of the fully earthed power supply, floor levelling, network port, ventilation and cooling and storage facilities may be inspected.

Call Centre Functions

  • First level support handles the initial call and the failure notice. 
  • The Helpdesk staff will organize and prioritize the calls, and do the necessary allotments
  • The field visits are assigned to the available and appropriate staff for the earliest visit.
  • Customer support to solve technical problems is available by phone during regular office hours, i.e. Saturday to Thursday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.
  • This level will also forward the fault report to the field service and to the second level helpdesk.
  • The technical supervisor will filter such calls that can be resolved over the telephone

Basic Service

The basic service is covered during warranty & subsequently by the maintenance contract.

On-site Service

On-site service covers activities like installation, maintenance and service/repair of products during regular office hours (as above). The cost for travel and working time, parts and toner as well as imag¬ing units is included in the maintenance contract.

Call Centre availability

  • Main services provided by the local call centres are consumable orderings and service and support requests.
  • The call center will log the call and assign a job ticket for each customer incident.
  • All future SLA management will be based on such job tickets.
  • It is possible to organize the availability of the customer call centre on a 24/7 basis (24 hours, 7 days a week) with the condition of certain business Size.
  • The customer can submit failure notices by-

Remote Services

Service Desk provides remote services likeconfiguration, firmware update and trouble shooting of MFPs.JAME Fleet Monitoring Tool is available to proactively serve the customers by alerting through email to customer and service desk for any kind of malfunction with the MFP.For Full Service Contract customers, Fleet Monitoring Tool provides proactive support by automatic toner replenishment, getting the automatic Page Count Report etc

Response Time: 2 to 4 hours

  • The time between submission of the failure notice and the start of the corrective action at the customer is called response time. It is based on standard office hours.
  • For the calculation of the response time only “real” service calls are used; maintenance visits are not included. In 90% of all calls, response time will be below 8 hours.

Resolution Time: max. 24 hours

Resolution time is defined as the time during which the standard output functionality is not available on the system.